Tom Agan

Managing Partner

With the depth, drive and wit needed to lead, Tom is known for his pioneering work helping companies rethink innovation and brands.

Andreas B. Wilhelm

Co-founder, Partner

With an infinite number of ideas and unstoppable drive, Andreas has a passion for making brands better.

Rick Allen

Co-founder, Partner

Rick has a passionate interest in how the human side of organizational life drives transformative learning, change and innovation.

Claudia Fisher

Co-founder, Partner

Claudia is known for her deep understanding of business and relentless refinement needed to make a brand strategy perfect.

Ron Vish

Co-founder, Partner

Ron is a straight shooter who cuts to the heart of the matter and helps us think clearly and more creatively.

J. Daniell Hebert

Co-founder, Partner

Daniell can clearly and patiently explain the relevance of new technologies, leaving you a lot smarter than when you started.

Mike Marasco

Co-founder, Partner

Mike is someone you can always count on to help start something new because he’s driven by seeing people with new ideas flourish.

Jane Rohman

Partner, Marketing/PR

A gifted communicator, Jane gets us to quickly clarify who we are and what makes us unique. Then she gets everyone to listen.

John Bianco

Partner, Productions

No matter how complex the task and tight the deadline, John always remains patient and calm keeping us all a little more sane.

Steve Russell

Partner, Finance

Steve lands the plane every time. With the right touch and experience with successful start-ups, he takes companies to the next stage.

Mitch Strobin


Mitch brings vision and eloquence to everything he does. Anchored by strong values, you can always count on him.

Peter McNally


Great thinking and teams build the best brands: Peter blends branding, marketing, innovation and management for the most powerful results.

Steven Nemerson


As a leader in healthcare performance and a medical doctor, Steve brings clarity and common sense to everything he does.

Nancy Fitzgerald


Nancy is a natural scientist and explorer, using her savvy and precision thinking to discover answers.

Ruth Saunders


With laser-like focus, tenacity, a can-do attitude, and generosity, Ruth will never stop until she finds the right solution.

Luis E. Rodriguez


Luis has an amazingly rich variety of personal and professional experiences that he uses to teach others and drive tangible results.

Ruth Brännvall


With the aspirations of an idealist and determination of a pragmatist, Ruth helps companies have a more positive impact on society.

Raj Sethia


A psychologist and noted poet, Raj brings empathy and profound insights to helping executives and the neediest kids of Calcutta.

Cathy Zhang


Cathy goes further in her uncompromising pursuit to discover the hidden truths behind what drives customers and brands.

Deborah Strobin


Deborah embodies the conviction and drive to tackle the big problems that others don't. She makes all of us stronger and better.